Single Cell Core Grant Program

| September 22, 2022


An informational hybrid in-person/webinar on a single cell core grant program hosted by the IIGB Genomics and Bioinformatics Cores, Parse Biosciences, and Illumina.

The session provides information on the split-pool combinatorial barcoding technology developed at Parse Biosciences and a grant program involving the IIGB cores, Parse Biosciences, and Illumina. Here short talks by:

  • Wei Zhang (Genomics Coordinator)
  • Brandon Le (Bioinformatics Coordinator)
  • Bo Liu (Executive Sales Specialist, Illumina)
  • John Walsh (VP Marketing, Parse Biosciences)
  • Samantha O’Neill (Technical Sales Manager, Parse Biosciences)

Come learn more about how to apply for the award.


You can watch a recording of the session at this link: video


UCR Core Grant Program