Parse Biosciences Seminar

By Brandon Le February 24, 2022

UCR Institute for Integrative Genome Biology hosts a seminar by Parse Biosciences titled “Single Cell 3.0 - The Next Evolution of Single Cell Genomics”.

Scalable single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) up to 1 MILLION cells is readily available with the Evercode technology. The core of this approach, split-pool combinatorial barcoding, was originally demonstrated in a 2018 Science paper with SPLiT-seq and substantially improved for wide-scale adoption.

Our speakers will describe the Evercode technology, its implication on single-cell experiments, and the drastic improvements achieved since the original publication.

To access the recording of the seminar, please follow the link below to briefly fill out a simple form. The video recording will play immediately after form submission: parse-bio-seminar