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This page provides an overview of the high-performance computing infrastructure available at IIGB's Bioinformatics facility. All servers and compute clusters of our facility are available to researchers from all departments and colleges at UCR for a minimal recharge fee (see rates). The latest hardware/facility description for grant applications is available here: Facility Description [pdf]. To request an account on one of our systems, please contact Rakesh Kaundal (


Linux clusters
>2500 CPU cores

High-memory nodes

SAN disk storage

Backup servers

Server Room

  • 600 sqft server room located in Genomics Building
  • Industrial AC system with raised floor sufficient for cooling >2500 CPUs
  • Uninterrupted power secured by a UPS and a backup power generator 

Genomics Server Room [ temperature ]

Compute Clusters

  • New Cluster
    352-CPU core Linux cluster: 32 nodes with 8 CPU cores (64x Xeon Quad Core Harpertown); 2 nodes with 48 CPU cores; total of 1.8TB of RAM and 96TB of disk space, Infiniband interconnect
  • Older Cluster
    64-CPU Linux cluster (2.8GHz AMD)


  • 12 servers with 16-48 CPU cores, 16-128GB RAM
  • 2 SAN storage systems with 12-96TB HD space
  • 2 backup systems with 120TB HD space


  • 4 quad-core Mac Pro workstations
  • 2 PCs, 2 Thin Clients, 4 Mac Mini
  • 1 Silicon Graphics (SGI), Octane 2, dual CPU, V12 Graphics

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X
  • Linux: CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu
  • UNIX: Solaris and IRIX